Find a customs agent or fast parcel operator to help you with import and export declarations.

It can be complicated to submit import and export declarations, so you may want to use a company which specialises in this area.

The Customs Form C88 is an A4 page containing 49 boxes, some of which requires a code which outlines how your goods have arrived, why your goods are being imported and what the goods are etc.
Then there is the accompanying Customs Form C89 (the ‘Value Build Up’ sheet). Like the C88, some boxes are left blank, but which ones?

Our experienced team is waiting to take the stress out of you trying to work what needs to be written where.

When things are done right the first time, the amount of time that your goods are held pending release from Customs can be reduced.

This means that not only do you get your goods quicker, but you also minimize the chance of incurring storage charges.

As mentioned, delays in Customs clearance could result in storage charges being incurred.

Likewise, filling out incorrect details/codes on your Customs forms could result in you paying more duty and/or VAT than you need to.