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Let us handle your customs entries by registering with us at the bottom of this page. Prices begin at only £30.

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Simply complete our online form and upload your commercial invoice and shipping documents. Alternatively, you can send us email or call us.
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We’ll keep an eye on your entry, arrive if necessary, and inform you if any problems arise.

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When your entrance paperwork are returned from customs, we will send them to you through email.

About Us

24/7 UK Customs Agents dedicated professionals assist you with clearing goods through GB/EU customs, helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination.

Before importing a product, you must identify its Harmonized System (HS) Code to calculate related duties, tariffs, and other taxes. Our team of customs experienced agents serves as your second line of defense, helping to validate product classifications to prevent costly mistakes and ensure your goods arrive at their destination compliantly.

If you would like to save time and resources, outsourcing your customs declarations to a Customs Agent or Customs Broker like 24/7 Customs is easy.

We can simplify this process for you, filing your customs declaration forms and additional paperwork on behalf of your business, ensuring you are HMRC compliant and you only pay once for your export or import declaration. Customs Agents from all over UK will offer you simplified procedures at low prices which unfortunately still require a full import entry within 6 months, incurring additional cost. With 24/7 Uk Customs Agents you will only pay once and you will have a full entry declared from the start. We don’t simplify, we finish the job once and for all.

Alternatively, if you’d like Customs Advisory Services we can help here too.

The only info 24/7 Customs will need, to set you up for success while exporting and importing goods, is a few business details including your EORI number and business address and we will guide you through the process seamlessly from there while supporting your business throughout the year, 24/7 Uk Customs Agents is here for you. Simple and efficient

Our customs clearance agents will walk you through and cover the following on your behalf:

1. File customs declaration forms either import or export, licence application, IPAFFS registration, DEFRA or SPIRE

2. Hassle-free customs clearance for your imports and exports

3. Speed up the whole customs clearance process under a single payment and procedure

4. Guide you through exporting goods out of the UK

5. Guide you through importing goods into the UK

6. Keep your business compliant with HMRC

7. Keep you right with import duty and taxes while ensuring you are not overpaying or underpaying as it is important to understand when to claim a preference and when to zero rate ( VAT) a product

8.Provide bespoke advisory services for your trading business

Our services

Export of commercial goods, food, machinery and equipment, live animals and any other goods
Export of personal effects, furniture and household
Export of art, antique furniture, unique goods and auction goods
Export from a bonded warehouse, excise warehouse -alcohol and other excise goods
Temporary exports, rental , leased equipment
Import of general goods, food, live animal, equipment and special consignments
Import of personal belongings, personal effects, furniture, cars, trucks and other
Import of temporary leased equipment, import of hired equipment
Import of alcohol and tobacco, high value consignments, high value goods
Import into a bonded warehouse
Import into a excise warehouse
Other unique import procedure
Transit T1 forms with small, medium or large guarantee
Transit T2 forms with small, medium or large guarantee
24/7 Exports Imports and Transit

Our prices

Export EAD 3 HS codes


Export EAD 6 HS codes


Export EAD more than 6 HS codes

£40 + £5 per extra HS code

Import SAD 1 to 5 HS codes


Import SAD more than 5 HS codes

£40 + £5 per extra HS code

Transit T1/T2 from

Remember, we do it once, we do a full export declaration or a full import declaration, not simplified procedures, which means you pay one time and that job is done, no need to come back in 6 months and pay again! We work on a 24/7 365 basis, full support on email and phone available. We work with all ports from UK and EU!
We offer EU transit to GB and GB transit to EU, Ireland to EU transit and EU to Ireland transit via UK.
Our return time for exports from your notification and documents available to us is 1 hour during peak hours ( 10:00 am to 15:00 pm UK local/ Mon -Fri ) and 30 minutes off peak hours ( 15:00 pm to 10:00 am UK local/ Mon-Sun ) and yes, we do work 24/7 , 365 including any bank holiday. Welcome to 24/7 Uk Customs Agent !

Let’s talk about what is right for you !

Why use 24/7 Customs


The expense of customs entries is substantial to your business, whether you are new to customs entries as a result of BREXIT or an established importer and exporter. We provide a competent and cost-effective service. We accomplish this by sharing our economies of scale with all of our customers in order to reduce the cost of UK customs entry to the lowest possible level.

How do we do it?


24/7 Uk Customs has refined its procedures over decades to be able to provide the cheapest customs entry prices in the UK. We recognise that BREXIT has imposed additional costs on businesses, and we strive to keep these costs to a minimal. There are no hidden fees or setup costs.

Who are we?


24/7 Uk Customs has been delivering an effective, low-cost solution to UK customs clearances for over 10 years. With the onset of BREXIT, our seasoned customs brokers have assisted hundreds of businesses that are unfamiliar with these procedures. 24/7 Uk Customs has guaranteed that our customers’ goods continue to move while minimising the cost of this new burden.

Why use us?


Clients of 24/7 Uk Customs come to us for the price and then remain for the service. Import and export customs entries in the United Kingdom start at £30 for a normal customs entry of up to three lines. At every sea port, ferry port, or airport, we can clear any mode (air, sea, or road). Clients who import and export from Europe and the rest of the world use 24/7 Uk Customs to complete their submissions.

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For as little as £30, we can complete your UK customs entries and clear the entry on your behalf. We focus on providing fast clearance and the finest level of service. We can only do so because we have 10 years of customs experience combined between all members part of our team and have increased our customs department in order to satisfy your needs in time and at an affordable price.
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